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SEO Friendly Blogspot Template - Blue style 1

the first seo friendly blogspot template blue beautiful style Many of you says that the blogger/blogspot is realy bad for SEO , it's sure...?.
..hehe.. Don't too much blamed the blogspot on the lack of your knowledge about se0 . 1n the fact that Blogger is a free service that was a powerful tool and feature to suport the online business and for sharing anything.
If we were more creative, then we could make the bl0gsp0t be seo friendly and comparable with the other web machines.

Oke, in other post I will share about how to tweaking the bl0gspot layout to be seo friendly blogspot template !

Please try SEO and Browser-Fr1endly Template below ,that it's also used to this blog now.

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jun3th said...

thanks for sharing

indiroma said...

Thanks for sharing... easy to download

online shop said...

mas mau tanya soal ngeditnya gimana?? ada link1, link 2 dst. itu gimana ngeditnya. thx

seo package said...

thanks for this good layout...

seowebmaster said...

wow really good post


nice post for seo

Rudy Hartono said...

nice template, visit me back

Rudy Hartono said...

terima kasih sob atas informasinya yang sangat bermanfaat dan mudah dipahami, and visit me back

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